Specific Instructions to Traveling Employees


To ensure that your company may successfully apply for Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds from your European/foreign business expenses, all invoices should include as much information as possible. Original invoices must include the following items and should only be named "invoice" or "receipt" or local equivalent:

  1. Date of invoice.
  2. Full address of foreign supplier (including their VAT ID-number).
  3. Exact description of goods purchased and/or services provided.
  4. Correct name and address of your company along with your own name.
  5. Net amount of billing (before taxes).
  6. Amount and percentage of Value Added Tax (in applicable country). The percentage VAT rate by itself is only sufficient on smaller invoices, such as those received for taxi and public transit.
  7. Gross amount of invoice (including VAT).

Submit original invoices to your accounting department with travel expense reports, as foreign tax authorities do not accept copies of invoices or credit card slips for VAT refund purposes. Copies may be retained for your own use.

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