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VAT - Reverse Charge - Mechanism

"Reverse Charge" is a part of the VAT law in a growing number of European countries.

It states that the VAT (Value Added Tax) for Goods and Services delivered inside the country by a foreign company is owed by the recipient of the goods and not by the foreign service provider/supplier.

VAT must not be charged on invoices to the recipient. By law, a clear statement must appear on each of these invoices indicating that the liability for the payment of VAT is reversed to the recipient.

The recipient has to calculate, report and pay the VAT (it may be recoverable if the recipient is VAT registered).

The foreign service provider/supplier may be entitled to a VAT refund claim for all VAT charges by local suppliers.

Please contact a local accountant or the VAT authorities in the country in which the event will take place, well in advance of the time it is organized/scheduled to commence.