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Events Abroad

  • require careful VAT planning well in advance
  • can result in charges of VAT (Value Added Tax) at rates as high as 25%
  • require a formal VAT refund claims process
  • require knowledge of individual country restrictions on VAT refunds for specific items

Choosing a “good VAT refund country” for your event abroad can save your company substantial amounts through VAT refund claims.

Some countries only allow VAT refund claims on a reciprocal basis.

VAT registration for events abroad...

  • may be necessary for VAT recovery in some countries

Registering your event for VAT in an applicable country means that your company is responsible for charging VAT to the participants and/or other companies (exhibitors at your event). This step ensures that you have the opportunity to apply for recovery of the VAT paid to local suppliers.

Please contact local accountants or VAT authorities in the country of your event abroad to find out about registration requirements and formalities.