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About 150 countries have VAT (Value Added Tax) as a sales tax. Referred to as Import VAT, it may be charged at their borders in addition to duties on all goods imported.

Import VAT rates are high and may be preventable.

Protect your company’s profit by filling out paperwork correctly. (INCO terms, CARNETS, etc.) Call us if you send goods to foreign countries and have Import VAT questions.

(This list may be posted at the desks of sales executives and shipping staff for reference)

VAT CountriesVAT/Import VAT
Rates 2016 in %
 VAT CountriesVAT/Import VAT
Rates 2016 in %
Austria20 Malta18
Belgium21 Monaco20
Bulgaria20 Netherlands21
Croatia25 Norway25
Czech Republic21 Poland23
Denmark25 Portugal23
Estonia20 Romania24
Finland24 Russia18
France20 Slovakia20
Germany19 Slovania22
Greece24 South Korea10
Hungary27 Spain21
Ireland23 Sweden25
Italy22 Switzerland8
Lithuania21 Turkey18
Luxembourg17 United Kingdom20


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