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GET YOUR VAT BACK! Refunds of Value Added Tax (VAT) paid on your business expenses in about 40 countries worldwide!...

Travel Instructions

To ensure that your company may successfully apply for Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds from your European/foreign business...

VAT Rates by Country

* (some restrictions in some countries apply - please inquire)

VAT Filing Deadlines

Filing Deadlines for VAT Refund Claims

Import VAT

is charged for import of goods at the border of VAT countries in addition to customs duties

VAT Refund Samples

ACTUAL VAT refund, ONE client, ONE year, HIGH VOLUME return  

Important VAT News


    (Canada, USA, Mexico)

    THERE IS NO VAT in The States!!!    WRONG!

    YOU MAY WANT TO LOOK AT -----PUERTO RICO in 2015 -------

    VAT is the sales tax in about 150 countries. Now Puerto Rico is replacing their sales tax with a modern VAT (they call it IVA in the Spanish Language) in 2015.

    Their standard VAT/IVA rate will be 16% replacing their 7% Sales Tax.

  • VAT is called IVA in most Spanish language countries

    (Value Added Tax = Impuesto al Valor Agregado)

    If you do business in the southern countries of the Americas you should make sure that the IVA (VAT) on Travel Expenses, Trade Shows, Events and other business related expenses should be taken care of in the best possible way.

  • VAT is the VERY FORMAL Sales tax in about 150 countries. 

    Mistakes can result in loss of VAT OR Import VAT refunds which will reduce your profit margins for activities abroad (exports, trade shows, events etc.) 

    Here is your VAT checklist for talking to INSATAX (toll free 1-866-332-4777).